TRAGEDY! (Almost)

Imagine putting all your effort into a assignment and it gets lost. This was the luck of my weekend. After revising and adding the finishing touches to my assignments, I woke up to what seem like a nightmare. When I went to turn on my laptop to do my daily browsing and research,  *Folder with […]

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First UK Music Video

On Thursday, the 24th November, I concluded directing my very first music video in the United Kingdom. To many, this may not be much, but to me it was a major step in my progress as a film maker. Prior to coming to uni, I would consider myself as a photographer with vision. Film making […]

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Purest Thoughts in the AM

As I am here sitting at my desk at 12:11 in the early afternoon, it has come to me that my purest thoughts chime in the morning.  After a long day of mental, physical and emotional distress, I’ve come to realise that there is no better time for me to think, than first thing in […]

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Inspiration via Travel

As I endure a pleasant travel experience, I discover a refined inspiration to film. Having spent a small holiday in the Netherlands, I realise that there is culture and history that viewers can be enlightened with. In opinion, there can not be a successful film without an audience. I am aware of how someone like […]

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Fairy Tale Film Experience

Today was my first day working with a colleague on a short film shot entirely on an iPhone. This was a very special experience because not only did it challenge me in making the most with the least, but also with ensuring I do not mess up the most, by doing the least and not […]

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