TRAGEDY! (Almost)

Imagine putting all your effort into a assignment and it gets lost. This was the luck of my weekend. After revising and adding the finishing touches to my assignments, I woke up to what seem like a nightmare. When I went to turn on my laptop to do my daily browsing and research,  *Folder with […]

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[AB#7] Ways of Seeing, John Berger

Bibliography Berger, J. (2008) Ways of Seeing. London: Penguin Classics. Ways of Seeing contains arguments about theory and explores the gap between how we associate art with words. John Berger organises thoughts through several different essays containing words and images. I chose this book because it contributes to the understanding the language of images. Ways […]

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Fairy Tale Film Experience

Today was my first day working with a colleague on a short film shot entirely on an iPhone. This was a very special experience because not only did it challenge me in making the most with the least, but also with ensuring I do not mess up the most, by doing the least and not […]

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Mise-En-Scene or in French, “placing on stage” is an expression used to describe the contents of a frame and the way in which they are organised. Mise-en-scene is a visual theme that tells stories not only through narrative structure, but also through storyboarding, cinematography,  stage design, and also direction. Before learning this theme, I have […]

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