TRAGEDY! (Almost)

Imagine putting all your effort into a assignment and it gets lost. This was the luck of my weekend. After revising and adding the finishing touches to my assignments, I woke up to what seem like a nightmare. When I went to turn on my laptop to do my daily browsing and research,  *Folder with question mark*, also known as, my hard drive crashed. I maintained being optimistic, this couldn’t be real, my eyes are deceiving me. If my hard drive crashed, I would have lost all of my projects, classwork, lecture notes, and so much more.

Prior to coming to Uni, I was an Information Technology Manager in a local school system in the states. This kept me calm because this type of problem did not catch me by surprise. I was inclined to diagnosing and troubleshooting. After trying what I thought could be an initial fix, an internet recovery, nothing happened. To be fair, I thought things might have gotten worse by attempting that. I had to recollect myself.  I wouldn’t be able to grasp all of the work that could’ve been have lost.

After leaving the LRC, I went back to my room to to try another method that can solve my problem: remove my hard drives, blow some life into them, put them back in, and try another reboot. After two tries, I discovered my solution.

Disconnect a few things, remove my memory chips, both hard drives, battery, and give it time to breathe. After putting that back together, and plugging in the charger, the computer came on automatically. I could not have been more grateful, praise God.

Through this all, I’ve learned that I should take more precaution in backing up the files on my computer. You never know what can happen. Life comes at you fast. Being responsible will get you further in life.


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