Ways of Seeing: My Modern Fairy Tale

Today is Friday 9th of November and I am pleased to say that I have completed the filming of my modern day fairy tale. Prior, I began reading Berger’s Way of Seeing and I became enlightened on how people can associate what they see with words and thoughts.

My short film is Beauty and the Beast and it is very important that the moral of the story is conveyed in a way that can resonate with viewers. When you initially think of Beauty and the Beast, you associate it with a princess’s encounter with a bitter prince who turned into a beast based on his decision to reject the rose from the elderly woman.

What makes my modern day interpretation of this fairy tale is the unique twist of the plot. In my film, Bele (the princess) plays the role of both beauty and the beast who faces a series of events that eventually leads to her waking up to her true identity (what a relief).

Berger argues that as an artist, if you want art to work on someone, you have to seduce viewers into believing your (the film maker) of seeing how the story goes. Judgement of actors is important because it contributes to the story and the way they are portrayed. Along with Mise-en-Scene, the degree of art is based on the way the story is writtern, how its filmed, and my interpretation beauty and self love.

In all, I understand how important it is to make your intentions clear as a film maker. It is your role to seduce viewers with your perception, causing people to associate what they see what words and judgement of their own.


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