First UK Music Video

On Thursday, the 24th November, I concluded directing my very first music video in the United Kingdom. To many, this may not be much, but to me it was a major step in my progress as a film maker. Prior to coming to uni, I would consider myself as a photographer with vision. Film making has so much more meaning as I continue to learn and exercise techniques used in the industry.

I spent my first Thanksgiving outside of my home country and addition to that, I spent the time investing in myself and passion. A good friend of mine flew in earlier in the week for a short holiday, and to fulfil a milestone of his first music video in another country. I am glad to say that through all the setbacks and obstacles, it was a huge success.

Earlier in the module, I did some research on writing screenplays and the significance of its role in producing a film. Being a director, a screenplay is essential because it is your platform to give direction. Looking back on how I have done things in the past, not having a screenplay was a tragedy because the only vision that I could articulate was created in my mind. When a narrative is written down from beginning to end, it is easier to follow up a screenplay with a shot script and/or storyboard. Using a screenplay with scene description, dialogue, cuts, etc., you can measure and calculate how you want it all to be seen.

Although I did not follow through with all the basic production paperwork, I learned how essential it is to make sure its done before you get on set. Had I prepared thorough paperwork, I seen where the production could have been better, its personal criticism. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the progress I have made thus far. Trial and error leaves room for development and as I continue to indulge in my passion, I will continue to challenge myself in making sure I am more prepared next time.

Stay tuned for the music video!


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