Purest Thoughts in the AM

As I am here sitting at my desk at 12:11 in the early afternoon, it has come to me that my purest thoughts chime in the morning. 

After a long day of mental, physical and emotional distress, I’ve come to realise that there is no better time for me to think, than first thing in the morning. To start my day, I have my usual cup of Moringa Tea accompanied by two slices of toast, courtesy of some British culture I have adapted.

Throughout the day, I find myself having a hard time becoming creatively inspired and that’s probably because I have so many things going on in my mind at once.

In the morning, I often find myself writing a dream I’ve had from the night before, or just laying in bed thinking about how I can make the most of my day. It is in the midst of these times that I dwell into things I am grateful for, as well as things that can potentially fuel my passion. In the morning, self-evaluation makes great inspiration because you are free from people invading your personal space. This leaves room for my purest thoughts.

I considered these as my purest thoughts because my mind isn’t cluttered with unnecessary energy I come across as my day unfolds.

This helps me through my journey in Filmmaking because as I become more mindful of what techniques work for me, or grants me the opportunity to cherish the precious time I have before I start my day. 


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