Inspiration via Travel

As I endure a pleasant travel experience, I discover a refined inspiration to film. Having spent a small holiday in the Netherlands, I realise that there is culture and history that viewers can be enlightened with. In opinion, there can not be a successful film without an audience. I am aware of how someone like me can bridge gaps between cultures of different places. One of my goals as a filmmaker is to bring an uplifting perspective through organic, yet creative ways.

I have a strong advantage being a United States citizen traveling abroad. When I first arrived to the United Kingdom, I have found pleasure in seeing the culture simply because I am from the outside looking in. My view on politics is different, food, education, as well as morals and values. In addition to this all, there is joy when people discover that I am American because it is always a great way to indulge in conversation. After being here for about two months, I can consider the UK as home.

I am open-minded when i encounter people from different places. From the questions and gestures exchanged, I actively think of ways I can document my experiences. For example, when I went to Amsterdam, I was intrigued with the story behind The Zwarte Piet tradition. When I asked a local citizen about the Gingerbread tasting treat, “strooigoed”, I was informed that it was a treat given to the children with “good behavior”.  This inspires me to make documentaries because when you gather different perspectives, it is interesting to compare other peoples opinions. While some believe that this holiday promotes tradition and history of their land, others may feel that it is discriminatory and stereotypical. Nonetheless, everyones opinion has value.


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