Fairy Tale Film Experience

Today was my first day working with a colleague on a short film shot entirely on an iPhone. This was a very special experience because not only did it challenge me in making the most with the least, but also with ensuring I do not mess up the most, by doing the least and not taking the project seriously.

I realised that in order to be a successful film maker, you cannot work efficiently without a team. Today provided a crew of four: director, producer, make-up, and director of photography. As many other roles were fulfilled with few people, it became apparent that today would have been a nightmare had we been any less-united.

Prior to university, I have managed to take on projects where I was producer, director, director of photography, etc. Trends of failure from the past include: forgetting equipment, not being able give good direction to actors, missing details and continuity from scenes, the list goes on. Today’s filming gave me an opportunity to become more open minded to different ideas and perspectives.

In addition to the significance of a crew, you have to also consider being able to work with everyone. Today was productive because the director and I had a pleasant chemistry that made filming more easy-going. Although it will not always be like that, I am well aware that I have to remain my role and contribute my ideas accordingly.

Proper preparation is key in Film making because if you don’t keep your project organised, you are destined for mistakes. The shot list and screenplay was very helpful because we (the crew) knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Overall, today was a success and set a strong tone of how projects should be organised, as well as set a platform to improve techniques on set.


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