[AB#3] Inside “Inside Man”: Spike Lee and Post-9/11 Entertainment


Harrison-Kahan, L. (2010). Inside “Inside Man”: Spike Lee and Post-9/11 Entertainment. Cinema Journal, 50(1), 39-58

Spike Lee carved out a spot in “white-dominated Hollywood” (Harrison, 2010). Critics express that Lee’s Inside Man is absent of social or racial politics. This article demonstrates that Spike Lee did not leave his politics behind. While Mike Binder’s Reign over Me (2007) demonstrates racial harmony, Spike Lee takes a brave approach by exposing racial and economic rifts that threaten to divide the nation. Inside Man contains numerous examples of Spike Lee’s sensibilities as a conscious black director. I chose this journal article Spike Lee’s approach of addressing racial and social issues post-9/11 inspire me to be the voice for other cultures who suffer the same racial tension.


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