BREXIT: How it affects the Film Industry in the U.K.

In the midst of my searching the internet, I have come across a topic that raises my curiosity as a American citizen, Brexit. I can recall reading Facebook posts from many of my UK friends mentioning how the country’s decision to leave the EU was not the best decision for the newer generation of citizens and generations to come. One of the main concerns is how free healthcare is at risk of no longer being a benefit available to citizens. Moreover, discussion was brought up that Brexit may also affect jobs, travel, and studying. For a generation who have not known a time outside the European Union, this is a very vulnerable position to be in.

As for how Brexit affects the film industry, that is another topic within itself. Some of these effects include (but are not limited to) funding, British and European Co-Productions, and distribution.

MEDIA, now known as Creative Europe Funding, has provided over €100 million towards various aspects of the UK film industry. While some may argue that the loss of this money would be biggest affect affect of Brexit, others disagree.

Figure 1

“A poll by Media Business Insight found that 66% of people working in the UK film industry felt that Brexit would have a negative impact on the sector.  A further 18.5% were uncertain on the outcome of Brexit, with only 11.5% believing that Brexit would be positive for the UK’s film industry.”

As a United States citizen studying as a United Kingdom, I am put in a peculiar position. Given what has happened with the election back home in the states, I now have a strong urge to establish myself here in the UK. Not only do I have the opportunity to learn British techniques to bring back home, but I also have my own American perspective to contribute to the UK film industry. in addition to that, I have a stronger network of professionals and practitioners who can support my efforts to be a successful film maker in the UK.

Figure 1:


How will Brexit affect the UK film industry?


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