Run, Lola, Run – Narrative Structure

RUN LOLA RUN, (aka LOLA RENNT), Franka Potente, 1998. ©Sony Pictures Classics

Run, Lola, Run, best known as ‘Lola Rennt’ has introduced me to the concept of narrative structure. This film departs from conventional story telling because in a sense, it uses multiple story line perspectives, which causes us to believe that the problem is being resolved, until we are presented with a new setup. It is not until the last setup that we are able to realise that plots from before all contribute to the final resolution. The film took us (viewers) on a trip.

I have never seen a film like this and after watching it the first time, I believe that its structure was a matter of multiple setups, confrontations, and resolutions, hence, multiple “Three Act Structures”.

During a discussion in class, I became aware that this film did not depart from the conventional film narrative structure. Although the film seems to display different worlds of different characters, essentially, it all still contributes to the goal of the main narrative.

This challenges me as a film maker because in a world with hundreds to possibly even millions of films, I have to find a cleaver way to develop a unique narrative.


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